Stop Moisture at Its Source With a Crawlspace Dehumidifier

We install dehumidifiers in Durham, NC and the Triangle area

Moisture can cause all kinds of problems in your home or workplace. When humid air enters your crawlspace and cools, water vapor can seep through your porous foundation. Installing a crawlspace dehumidifier can reduce moisture, preventing fungus growth and condensation on structural timbers.

Bull City Crawl Space can install a heavy-duty crawlspace dehumidifier at your home or workplace in the Durham, NC area. We use Santa Fe products in every dehumidifier installation because...

  • They're energy efficient.
  • They come with a six-year warranty.
  • They can filter out allergens like dust, mold spores and bacteria.

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Your health and property are at stake

If you know you've got excessive moisture in your crawlspace, don't wait any longer to schedule dehumidifier installation services. Our Durham, NC team can help you solve your crawlspace issues fast.

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